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Kabalebo Nature Resort offers many diverse packages. The peace and tranquility of our property makes it a suitable place to get in touch with your inner self. Since we understand that the daily hustle demands creates the need for a package with that little extra attention every once in a while, we especially developed the “Private/ Tailored package“.

This package is designed for those who want a break from their daily routines and wish to boost their inspiration. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy nature, the resort and the river at your own pace and really relax and find your purpose again. The “Private/ Tailored package” is personally customized and very flexible.

The goal is to completely unwind and release all your stress and leave with a sense of peace.

Private / Tailored packages (based on 2 persons a room)

Getting there

The Airline’s that have regular flights to Suriname are Insel Air, Suriname Airways, Caribbean Airlines. Your fishing trip will begin when you arrive in Paramaribo.

The shuttle bus or taxi at the airport will take you to the Hotel. After breakfast, one of our employees will transport you to the airstrip at Zorg & Hoop, where you will depart for a 1-hour flight to Kabalebo Nature Resort.

Not included

  • Fishing tour: 4 hours fishing – per person: US$ 80.00
  • Fishing tour: 8 hours fishing – per person: US$ 160.00
  • Ocelot spotting: per person: US$ 10.00
  • Jungle night tour: per person: US$ 35.00

Available dates

Contact us to confirm space availability or to request specific dates.

Contact us for more information.

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