For genuine adventurers, Kabalebo is a true Amazon rain-forest Nature Resort and offers a one of a kind Jungle camp experience in Suriname. This is as authentic a jungle experience as you are likely to get anywhere, and you will sleep in hammocks and tents, on the river bank under the canopy.

Our Jungle camp is a perfect ‘base camp’ for heading off on daily expeditions deep into the pristine jungle environment

Jungle camp is about 15 minutes away from the Main Lodge and transportation is by boat. The camp can accommodate about 12 guest and meals can be consumed at the main lodge or delivered. Whilst it is an authentic jungle experience, we stopped short of having you stalk prey for your meals! A Kabalebo jungle expert will be present during your entire stay at Jungle camp.

The memories of falling asleep to the jungle sounds after a day’s hard adventure whilst listening to the babbling river next to the camp, will stay with you a long time after you leave Suriname. To further stimulate the expedition experience guest will bathe in the river and the jungle will act as toilet facility.


  • Meals can be consumed at the Main Lodge or can be delivered to the camp (from the main lodge).
  • Upon request, meals can also be prepared at the camp.
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