Bird Watching

A visit to Kabalebo Nature Resort brings you into a true birders paradise. Because of our unique location and biodiversity, nature lovers will certainly have the time of their lives. At our property, there are more than 250 different bird species.

Wake up with the singing of the birds and take a stroll with our experienced guides to be better acquainted with these tropical avian species.

The resort has miles of landscaped paths where you can wander and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. Some of the birds that you might encounter are:

  • Harpy Eagle
  • Large Macaws
  • Ringed Woodpecker
  • Hummingbirds
  • capped heron

There are well-trained guides at the resort. They also have the trained eye to spot the birds so you can enjoy them. Come and enjoy the colors of nature fluttering around you, just remember to dress the part and take precautions for jungle immersion.

Click here to download our complete birdlist.

Daily birding tour

Guests can book a birding tour for one day starting with 1 person;

  • Half day birding by boat: US$ 115.00 per person per half day
  • Half day birding by foot: US$ 99.00 per person per half day
  • Whole day bird watching by boat: US$ 230.00 per person per whole day
  • Whole day bird watching by foot: US$ 198.00 per person per whole day

Please, note: All rates include service charge / the birding tour can be carried out with a maximum of 4 persons.

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