Kabalebo Nature Resort is a luxurious lodge, situated in one of the most beautiful areas in Suriname. Hidden deep in pristine uninhabited Amazon rain forest from South America.

All frequently asked questions and answers about Suriname and Kabalebo Nature Resort can be found here.

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About Kabalebo

Is there malaria in Kabalebo Nature Resort?

No, there is no Malaria near Kabalebo Nature Resort. However, there are still areas in the rain-forest of Suriname where malaria is prevalent.

If apart from our lodge you’ll be traveling to other locations within the interior we advise you to check with the health center in your country.

How do I travel to Suriname?

The two biggest airlines flying to Suriname are the SLM – Surinam Airways and the KLM – Dutch Airlines.

These two companies maintain the MID-Atlantic routes and carry out the flights from and to Europe and America.

Smaller airlines such as Insel Air, Caribbean Airlines and DAE maintain the Caribbean routes. Specific information about the airfares and travel schedules can be found at your travel agent or on the website of the airlines.

Currently Suriname issues tourist cards in order to ease travel to the country. These cards can be purchased at the Suriname embassy or consulate or upon arrival in Suriname. Check out a visa page to see whether you’re eligible for such a tourist card.

The international airport Johan Pengel Airport is about an hour drive from the Suriname’s capital city Paramaribo. There are plenty cabs at the airport but you can also arrange your airport transfer upfront. The Kabalebo Nature Resort team gladly assists with this.

Suriname can also be can be reached over land from Guyana and French Guyana. These trips are a bit longer (about a four hour drive inland) and more demanding, but along the way you’ll get to see a lot of our beautiful country.

Is it possible to visit Kabalebo Nature Resort with both young and old tourists?

It is no problem with older people to come to the lodge.

However, you must keep in mind that you will be in the jungle – and that the journey towards it will be with a smaller and less luxurious aircraft, compared to the one that brought you to Suriname itself.

If a guest needs additional medical care, please make it known during the booking. For children, the lodge is ideal. They can be supervised play on the field, swimming in the river and enjoy the many animals in the area.

Keep in mind the heat in the small and large dry season can be hot – for both young and old.

Can I be reached by phone?

There is no mobile coverage at Kabalebo Nature Resort. However you are still connected by satellite phone.

For a fee it is possible to use our satellite phone, from which you can call to any number.

Can I use electrical equipment at Kabalebo Nature Resort?

Yes, at Kabalebo Nature Resort you can use 110 and 220 volt power, all electrical equipment can be safely used at our resort.

About Suriname

When is the dry and the rainy season?

Suriname is a sunshine country with an average daytime temperature of 28 degrees.

This is also the case in the interior, where the temperature drops to about 20 degrees at night.

The tropical rainy season (the Green Season) is from mid-April to mid-July and a brief one lasts December-January. The two dry seasons are from mid-July to November and February to mid- April.

Is it save to use tap water?

It is safe to use tap water in the city. In the interior, the use of bottled water is advised.

Are there other resorts in Suriname?

Yes, there are other resorts besides Nature Resort Kabalebo in Suriname.

It is recommended to combine your trip to Kabalebo with a trip to other resorts. Please, contact us for more information; we will take care of all your travelling plans.

What is the language spoken in Suriname / and the Resort?

The official language is Dutch, but English is widely spoken along the coast.

The local language in Suriname is “Sranan-Tongo”, a language composed of English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and African roots. In the interior the many different ethnic groups and tribes continue to speak their own language as well.

At the resort our guides and other personal speak English and Dutch.

Can you use your credit card?

A few hotels and companies accept credit cards such as ‘Visa’ and ‘Master’.

Payments by traveler’s cheques and credit cards are charged with administration costs and are not generally accepted. It is advised to travel with cash in US-dollars or Euro.

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