Ocelot Spotting

As of last year ocelots has joined the resort and lives nearby.

The first visitor we had was a female, after a few months she came with her little one, and later a male joined them. A few other ocelots have also visited the resort at night, but only the first three returned. The first three are still daily visitors, but are rarely together.

The ocelots can be spotted at night nearby the resort, giving tourists who visit Kabalebo the opportunity to go on exclusive ocelot spotting trips.

Ocelots are medium-sized wild cats and are strongly nocturnal, resting in trees and dense bushes during the day. Ocelots are territorial cats that often share their territory with other cats, but prefer to avoid each other.

Ocelots are also known for their odor – they have a very strong odor that is used to mark their territories.

It isn’t easy to spot an ocelot and tourists who have partaken in this activity have underlined what an extraordinary adventure it is. During the ocelot spotting tour, guests are brought to the location where they can observe these magnificent animals from a distance.

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