General Terms and Conditions

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Article 1 / Definitions

In these terms and conditions the following terms shall have these meanings:  Foundation Kabalebo: party to any agreement for the delivery of services in connection with accommodation at Kabalebo Nature Resort, hereinafter-called Kabalebo. Kabalebo Nature Resort: The Resort operated and managed by Foundation Kabalebo.

  • Client: guest and/or visitor and/or travel agent of Kabalebo Nature Resort.
  • Guide: employee or person related to Kabalebo Nature Resort, who guides guests and provides them with
  • Travel agent: company organizing holiday programs/tours.

Article 2 / Conclusion of the agreement

The agreement with the client commences when the client receives the written confirmation that the booking has been made. 

Article 3 / Applicability of General Terms

  1. For the purpose of the general terms and conditions the client making the bookings either for him/herself or on behalf of a group, shall be of age. The person making the booking thus confirms that (s) he has been authorized by all the members of his/her party to make the booking on their behalf. The person making the booking, either as a fellow-traveler or merely on behalf of other people, shall not only be responsible for furnishing the personal data of the travelers for whom the booking was made, but shall also be jointly and severally liable for the obligations arising from the travel agreement.
  2. The client shall strictly observe the obligations arising from these general terms and conditions.
  3. By booking accommodation at Kabalebo and participating in the programs, the client confirms that (s) he has read, understood and agrees to these terms and conditions.

Article 4 / Bookings

  1. Accommodation during the program is expressed in the number of nights. The accommodation includes the day of departure and the day of arrival.
  2. The client shall submit a valid passport and/or identity card when making the reservation.

Article 5 / Inoculations

  1. The client shall check the health aspects and the inoculation requirements.
  2. The client shall have the required inoculation certificates. Kabalebo shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from non-compliance with the vaccination requirements.

Article 6 / Cancellations

  1. Cancellation of a reservation is possible under the following conditions:
    • Free cancellation until 3 weeks before departure.
    • For cancellations between 2 – 3 weeks prior to departure, guests must pay 50% of the reservation amount.
    • For cancellations between 1 – 2 weeks prior to departure, guests must pay 75% of the reservation amount.
    • For cancellations from 6, 5 days, or more prior to departure, guests must pay 100% of the reservation amount.
    • In no case will a refund be granted, if guests decide to cancel their tour during their stay at Kabalebo
  2. The following is valid for reservations made in the months may and june: In the event the package/program cannot continue because the required number of participants was not secured, Kabalebo reserves the right to cancel the tour. In that case the client shall have the right to a full refund of the moneys received from him.
  3. Local and/or (unforeseen) circumstances beyond the control of Kabalebo may result in a change in the itinerary. Kabalebo cannot be held liable for this. In such events, Kabalebo will do everything in its power to find an alternative. In the event Kabalebo has to deviate from the original itinerary and a comparable alternative can be offered, there shall be no refund.
  4. Kabalebo shall notify the client at least 3 days before departure date about the cancellation or the revised itinerary, or in the event of force majeure, before departure.

Article 7 / Rates and rooms

The following discounts apply to children:

  • Children from 0 – 1 year receive 50% discount on the total rate, with child sitting in lap.
  • Children from1 to 3 years receive 50% discount on the room rate.
  • Children from 3 to 9 years receive 25% discount on the room rate.
  • Children 9 years and older pay the full rate.
  • These discounts do not apply to the Main Lodge. Please contact the office for more info.
  • Not more than one (1) child may share the room of 2 (two) adults.
  • The published rates of the programs are per person (1 client) on a 2 person per room basis

Article 8 / Change of rates or itinerary    

Kabalebo reserves the right to revise the published rates at all times. In case changes in the transportation and accommodation charges give rise thereto, for example raised airport tax or (new) levies for security, fuel or environment, or applicable exchange rates, Kabalebo reserves the right to revise the rates or change the itinerary.

Article 9 / Liabilities

Kabalebo shall not be held liable or responsible for:

  1. For any loss or damages of money, goods and/or belongings sustained by the guest. The guest indemnifies Kabalebo from such damage.
  2. Medical expenses for cases such as: personal injuries, illness and/or death of the client occurring during the stay at Kabalebo, regardless of the reason. The client is advised to purchase a health or accident insurance in the country of origin and check whether the health insurance offers sufficient coverage in the destination country.
  3. Any damage arisen from changes in the flight schedules of the airline companies. It is recommended to purchase a travel and cancellation insurance when booking the vacation. Cancellation insurance not only covers the costs of cancellation prior to departure, but also the expenses in case the trip has to be cut short because of family circumstances or illness.
  4. any damage resulting from delays, strikes, disorders, theft and robbery, defective machinery or installations, defects to means of transport, war, disturbances and riots, fires, quarantines, natural disasters, attacks, political or military actions, medical or customs restrictions or regulations or any reason whatsoever that is outside its sphere of influence or power. If such cases arise, the ensuing expenses shall be borne by the client or the client shall have to purchase insurance at his own expense.
  5. Damage resulting from advertising material, including but not limited to photos, flyers, brochures and other informative material about the programs or the package issued by third parties, excepting the travel agents who are associated with Kabalebo.

Article 10 / Disputes

Surinamese law applies to these General Terms and Conditions and the Surinamese court is competent to settle disputes.

Article 11 / Final stipulations

Kabalebo reserves the right to revise the General Terms and Conditions every year.

Article 12 / Recommendations

We recommend clients to take along the following items:

  • Light clothes
  • Hat or cap
  • Swim wear and/or water shoes
  • Camera with extra film and a waterproof bag to protect them.
  • Sturdy walking/hiking shoes and casuals
  • Sun tan oil and insect repellent
  • Two (2) pairs of long pants and a long-sleeve shirt
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Small backpack for water or snacks for the walking tour
  • Pocket money to buy drinks and souvenirs (SRD/Euro/US$)
  • Binoculairs


The package includes:

  • Return ticket Zorg en Hoop Airport – Kabalebo
  • All transportation at the resort
  • All the standard guided activities mentioned in the program
  • All meals, including coffee, tea and water
  • Soft drinks/juices, depending on the package
  • Alcoholic drinks on sale at the bar

Important information

  • Each person is allowed a limited amount of luggage on the airplane:
    • For 3 nights/4 days package not more than 7 kg is allowed.
    • For 4 nights/5 days package not more than 10 kg is allowed.
    • For 7 nights/8 days package not more than 12 kg is allowed.
    • Please send a request in advance if there is a need for extra kg.
  • NATURE PRESERVATION IS SELF-PRESERVATION. Please remember, that you are not allowed to take away any plants or animals from the area surrounding the resort.

Strong recommendation

Kabalebo highly recommends guests to:

  • purchase a good accident insurance
  • leave their valuable jewelry at home

Service charges

Please note:  All rates are including 8% Service Charge per person.

For more information:

Telephone:    (597) 426532/426535
Fax:               (597) 426533

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