Daily Birding tour

Kabalebo Nature Resort offers bird watching programs into the Amazon Rainforest of West Suriname, using comfortable accommodations in stunning river and rainforest settings in Nature Reserves. The airstrip offers good early morning bird watching for guests who wish to wander around by themselves.

About 30 km of walking trail through the Amazon rainforest bring you closer to the more than 350 bird species that live near the Kabalebo Nature Resort. Without any doubt a bird lover’s paradise.

Guests can book a birding tour for one day starting with 1 person

Birding in combination with a boat costs: US$201.00 (incl. Service charge) per person per day

Birding without a boat costs: US$ 173.00 (incl. Service charge) per person per day

Note: The birding tour can be carried out with max 4 persons.

Getting there

The Airline’s that have regular flights to Suriname are Insel Air, Suriname Airways, Caribbean Airlines.

Your birding trip will begin when you arrive in Paramaribo.

A shuttle bus or taxi will take you to the airport, Zorg and Hoop, where one of our colleagues will welcome you.

From there you will depart by plane to our beautiful resort, Kabalebo Nature Resort.

Travel time: +/- 1 hour. Our domestic flights are carried out by the Airline, Gum Air.

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