Boat Trips

Boating along the beautiful Kabalebo river, you’ll experience the surroundings of our resort in an unparalleled way… you can feel the intense tranquility of the rain-forest glide past you.

A lot of beautiful and refreshing waterfalls and rapids can be found near Kabalebo Nature Resort. Suriname is part of the tropical rain-forest and is known for its beautiful nature and you will experience so much natural beauty. Our guides take you on a boat trip to the Moi-Moi waterfalls, the Revelation Falls, Double Step, Krongsula, Was Wasi, Kilodrie or Zandkreek. While enjoying the waterfalls and rapids you will see the big blue Morpho butterflies that live nearby.

And this is our perfect spot for a picnic! Of course, we thought of that too, so enjoy the tasty snacks the guide has packed for you.

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