Fishing Package

Kabalebo Nature Resort is the ultimate fisherman’s paradise. Kabalebo Nature Resort is a true fisherman’s paradise. Species to be caught are Red tail catfish, Trahira, Surubim, Peacock bass and the Piranha. Guests that book a fishing package stay at Uncle Piet’s lodge.

The lodge is about a 3 hour boat ride from the Main Lodge and close to a beautiful rapid on the Kabalebo river bank. During your stay here a cook, boatsman and assistant will accompany you.

Fishing Packages

  • 5 Nights / 6 days, 2 days fishing
  • 6 Nights / 7 days, 3 days fishing
  • 9 Nights / 10 days, 5 days fishing
  • Please note: There is an additional surcharge for single bookings.
  • Download the rates for our fishing package


Prime time fishing season is : October till April.

Fishing Rod for rent

The standard fishing rod rental is not suitable for fishing at the Uncle Piet lodge.

Some fishermen like to have an extra backup or prefer to rent an appropriate rod instead of bringing their own. That is why we now have another fishing rod for rent.

The rod for fishing at uncle Piet lodge cannot be rented per day, only per stay.
The rental cost for this type of rod is: US$ 220.00 per set per stay.
The set includes: Reel, Rod and Line.
The rental non-refundable.

Not included

  • Leader + Hook : US$ 8.00 a set
  • Top water lure : US$ 38.50 a piece

Satellite phone rental

Due to bad radio contact, it is now mandatory to rent a satellite phone in case of emergency.

The satellite phone is rented per group and is necessary for your safety and for the tour guide to make daily contact with the resort. Guests can use the phone if they need to make an important call or in case of emergency.

The cost for the satellite phone rental is: US$ 55.00 per stay.


All fishermen most pay a mandatory tip for the following employees:

  • Fish guide: US$ 50.00 per day per fish guide
  • Boatsman: US$ 15.00 per day per boatsman
  • Assistent : US$ 15.00 per day per assistant
  • Cook / Housekeeping : US$ 25.00 per night

Getting there?

The Airline’s that have regular flights to Suriname are Surinam Airways, Caribbean Airlines. Your fishing trip will begin when you arrive in Paramaribo. A shuttle bus or taxi arranged by us, at the airport will take you to the Hotel.

After breakfast, one of our employees will pick you up and bring you to the airstrip at Zorg en Hoop, where you will depart by plane to Kabalebo Nature Resort.

The flight time is approximately 1 hour.

Available dates

Please contact us to check availability, request specific dates and for additional information.


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