Fishing Package

Kabalebo Nature Resort is the ultimate fisherman’s paradise. Kabalebo Nature Resort is a true fisherman’s paradise. Species to be caught are Red tail catfish, Trahira, Surubim, Peacock bass and the Piranha.

Fishing Packages

  • 5 Nights / 6 days, 2 days fishing
  • 6 Nights / 7 days, 3 days fishing
  • 9 Nights / 10 days, 5 days fishing
  • Please note: There is an additional surcharge for single bookings.

For rent

You can also rent a fishing rod for US$ 25.00 per person/per day.


  • Fish guide: US$ 50.00 per day
  • Boatsman: US$ 15.00 per day
  • Assistent : US$ 15.00 per day
  • Cook / Housekeeping : US$ 15.00 per day

Fishing for a day by boat and guide

  • 4 hours fishing per person : US$ 84.00 including reel – from : 13:30 hr. – 17:30 hr.
  • 8 hours fishing per person : US$ 168.00 including reel – from : 09:00 hr. – 17:00 hr.

Not included

  • Leader + Hook : US$ 7.00 a set
  • Top water lure : US$ 35.00 a piece


Prime time fishing season is : August – April.

Getting there?

The Airline’s that have regular flights to Suriname are Insel Air, Suriname Airways, Caribbean Airlines. Your fishing trip will begin when you arrive in Paramaribo.

The shuttle bus or taxi at the airport will take you to the Hotel. After breakfast, one of our employees will transport you to the airstrip at Zorg en Hoop, where you will depart for a 1 hour flight to Kabalebo Nature Resort.

Available dates

Contact us to confirm space availability or to request specific dates.


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