Eventscalender 2016

Eventscalender Suriname 2016
date event description
01 January New Years Day The first day of the new year.
08 February Chinese New Year Cultural Chinese celebration.
07 – 09 February Carnaval Celebrations Carnaval… Southern-America style!
25 February Day of the Revolution National Event.
23 March Holi Phagwa Hindi New Year.
25 March Good Friday National Event.
27 March – 28 March Easter National Event
30 March – 02 April avond Vier Daagse A 4-day cultural walking parade.
01 May Labor Day Celebrated with lots of various festivities all around.
June Fete de la Musique Enjoy the Carribean Music!.
01 July Keti Koti Celebration of the Abolition of Slavery.
01 July Swimming Marathon Held in the Suriname River from Domburg to Paramaribo.
06 July Id-Ul-Fitre National Event.
09 August Day of the Indigenous Celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous people.
11 September Id-Ul-Adha Moslim Offer fest.
10 October Day of the Marroons Celebration of the Day of the Maroon people.
Mid October Men’s Cook Out Food… made by man!
20 October Chinese Immigration Celebration Day of Chinese Immigration.
30 October Divali Hindi Light Fest.
End October Suriname Jazz Festival Several days South-American hot jazz!.
End October Salsuri Internation Salsa Festival.
End October Agricultural Trade fair A big National Fair.
November Savanna Rally Organized by the SARK.
November Running Marathon Surinams National Marathon.
25 November Independence Day Celebration of Surinams National Independence Day.
End November Annual Trade Fair Surinams famous Annual Trade Fair.
End December SuriFesta End of the Year Festival.
25 – 26 December Christmas Worldwide National Event.
31 December Pagara Estafette End of the Year closing with fireworks at the center of the city.
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