kabalebo.com newsletter 20 - July, 2021
Join us for an experience of a lifetime!
Entire Kabalebo team got vaccinated!
We are proud to announce that, on June 11th, 2021, our entire Kabalebo team got their first covid-19 vaccination.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Special thanks to the Medische Zending a.k.a. MZ (especially director Herman Jintie, Drs. Maureen G. Wijngaarde-van Dijk and the medical coordination team led by Drs. Lorraine Yau), who provided the vaccine and came along to vaccinate and observe everyone.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
In addition, Apintie broadcasting networking, joined us to do a coverage and to help motivate others to get vaccinated.

Click on the video below for more on this.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Thank you to everyone who got vaccinated! Let's keep it up!

Be part of the solution. Protect yourself. Protect your community. Get vaccinated.

We hope to welcome you again soon!