kabalebo.com newsletter 16 - July, 2019
Join us for an experience of a lifetime!
Introducing the Expedition Lodge!
Nestled in the heart of the beautiful and advantageous Zandkreek and surrounded by pristine uninhabited rainforest is a magnificent waterfall which was recently discovered by a visiting BBC expedition group.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Realizing the potential around this new discovery, Kabalebo Nature Resort has decided to expand its product by building a small lodge at the river front, nearby this gem.

After a series of helicopter shuttles to transfer supplies and staff to this new location, the lodge was successfully built mostly from hard wood taken from the nearby forest.

We look forward to welcoming you to an experience of a lifetime!

The Expedition Lodge
Kabalebo Nature Resort
The new lodge now named "The Expedition Lodge" is situated just two and a half hours by boat from the Kabalebo airstrip and Main Lodge.

With 20 mins walk from the boat landing to the lodge or by Helicopter, and sports 3 self-contained twin rooms, a kitchen and a huge balcony overlooking the river and new waterfall.

It is our intention to offer overnight packages with excursion from this lodge. This can vary from nature trail walks to kayak trips through the many rapids or a visit to the already known Revelation Falls.
Wildlife spotting
Kabalebo Nature Resort
The surrounded forest has great potential for wildlife spotting and is ideal for pro anglers or may even be a good spot for therapeutic relaxation. Once you've visited this location you will agree that the amazing scenery is breathtaking and captivating.

You can chose to return to the Main Lodge the adventure way with inflatable boats and experience the thrills of navigating through the many rapids for approximately 5 to 6 hours.

For those who prefer to just relax and enjoy the surroundings it can be an easy boat ride in a motorized dugout canoe back to the Main Lodge.
Kabalebo Nature Resort