kabalebo.com newsletter 13 - January, 2017
Join us for an experience of a lifetime!
Fishing in Kabalebo
Catching fish by the bucket-load, here we come! Are you ready?

If you are a fish lover, this is what you dreamed of. At our resort we offer adventurous and custom tailored fishing tours that will have your friends jealous and looking to out fish you when they venture down to Suriname on their own.

In the rich Kabalebo River we start the hunt for;
  • Trahira (wolf fish)
  • Anjoemara
  • Pakoe
  • Toekoenari
  • Red Tail Catfish
  • ...and of-course the famous Piranha

We look forward to welcoming you to an experience of a lifetime!

Red-tailed Catfish
Kabalebo Nature Resort
By looking at this picture you can clearly see that it was a great day of fishing. For years we are anticipating in the 'catch & release' sport of the IGFA (International Game Fish Association).

Those that are looking for the thrill of adventure on the water and those that are trying to catch one of the predators that have been lurking in the Kabalebo River. Here are the 3 most wanted fishes for the game 'catch & release' in Kabalebo:

The Red-tailed Catfish (Phractocephalus hemiolioptenus) is a long whiskered catfish. Reaching a maximum length of the least 180 cm (80 kg), these are considered as a potential gamefish (for the IGFA). When catching one of these large river monsters on your hook, be prepared to struggle to succeed. As they will not easily give up a good fight, before finally give in to their defeat. Most anglers had encountered such a 'battle' and with a lot of work and sweat their hard work is finally paid off.

The Red-tailed Catfish is a native of South-America and is a freshwater inhabitant, found mostly in large rivers and streams.
Tiger Catfish / Sorubim
Kabalebo Nature Resort
The Tiger Catfish (Pseudoplatystome) is also known as the Tiger Shovelnose, Spotted Sorubim or Tiger Sorubim. Also an inhabitant of fresh water areas such as rivers, streams and flooded forests.

They are recognizable by their distinctive marked pattern all over their body. By looking at this picture it may look like this catch was easy, but looks can be deceiving. Because just like the Red-tailed catfish, the Tiger Catfish also likes to put up a good fight and won't give in that easily too.

It may be much smaller and lighter than the Red-tailed Catfish but equally as strong as his larger relative.
Anjoemara / Wolfish
Kabalebo Nature Resort
The second largest game fish of Kabalebo is the Anjoemara (Hoplias aimara). It is also known as wolfish as it is an ambush predator in the river or creeks

Anjoemara's can reach a length of 120 cm and can weigh max 25 kg. Anjoemara's also like to put up a battle when caught, but unlike the catfishes, they also try to get rid of the hook by jumping frequently out of the water.

After a day of fishing all these gamefishes are released back into the water. It is the thrill of adventure that lures most of the anglers back to the water in search of the next big fish.

Written by Armida Madngisa.