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Birds of Kabalebo Nature Resort

Hummingbirds: Breeding & Nesting Season
Kabalebo Nature Resort
The Amazon is a world on its own; a pristine forest where dozens and dozens of exotic creatures call it their home. One of these gems is certainly the hummingbird family. Small and agile birds wearing one of the most colorful wardrobes I’ve ever seen. And if that is not enough to put them in the spotlight they even carry these exotic and unique names: Topaz, Emerald, Fairy, Sapphire … just to name a few.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
It is already a joy to watch these little hummers with your own eyes, but believe me, it is even a unique experience to watch these small creatures take care of the next generation. In general are hummingbirds solitary animals, which mean that they are not fond of company, but during mating season you will see how blind dates are been arranged.

The date usually takes place at blossoming trees or branches. It is that simple, food (in this case nectar) is the way to win a ladies heart. Once a female hummingbird, of the same species, arrives, you will first hand experience the mating dance being displayed right above the blossoming trees/branches.

After a successful date the male will depart and the breeding season will start afterwards. Females are solely responsible for building the nest, the incubation and for also taking care of her young. But don’t underestimate these small and independent females, during the breeding season she can stand up to any kind of obstacles that comes across her path.

During the incubation time the female is solely living for her young. She doesn’t take a break and defends her nest from any potential predator with all her might. Birds twice her size don’t even stand a chance. A mother’s love knows no boundary.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Macaws & Parrots: Breeding & Nesting Season

Kabalebo Nature Resort
Large Macaws are large, colorful and loud birds. Hardly missed when one visits the Amazon. In Kabalebo you can spot 3 of these large macaws: the Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, the Scarlet Macaw and the Red-and-Green Macaw.

The Breeding season for these large macaws just started and since they are known as social birds, both male and female will be involved during the incubation period. Between the months October – March it will be a ‘Macaw’ season, as they will take care of the next generation.

The young Macaw will fly out of their nest after 3 months, but will be taken care of by both parents for at least 16 months more.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Hummingbirds of Kabalebo
Kabalebo Nature Resort

When it comes to bird watching you are treated with one of the largest variety species nature has to offer. Falcons, vultures, egrets and kingfishers are just a couple of bird species you can choose from the list. One particular and special bird species we want you to notice are for sure the hummingbirds. They are solely found in the New World (North­, Central­ and South­America). Tiny, energetic and shiny little birds. They are the only ones that are able to hover and fly in reverse.

Nectar and small insects are part of their diet. In Kabalebo there are at least 15 different species spotted. They all have a unique shimmering looking plumage that makes each of them one of a kind.

In general are hummingbirds aggressive and won’t hesitate to scare away larger looking birds like for instance a tanager or even a vulture. During the incubation period are females the most fearless among them all.
Kabalebo Nature Resort