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Face-lift to Main Lodge

In keeping with our aim to make you our valued guests feel comfortable within our environments, we have decided to give our Main Lodge a face-lift. Last year, during May and June 2015, we commenced works to repaint the exterior walls and ceiling of this particular lodge giving it a brighter and more beautiful appearance. This new look was also complemented by some new décor.

Kabalebo donates machine to local hospital to exterminate mosquitos

On Tuesday march 1st, 2016, the general director of 'Academisch Ziekenhuis' (A.k.a. AZP or Academic Hospital) Paramaribo received a donation from the managing director, Karel Dawson, of Kabalebo Nature Resort.
Kabalebo Nature Resort
Mr. Dawson donated a Stihl SR450 mistblower that can be used to get rid of the mosquitos in and around the hospital area.

To eliminate the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which carries the 'Zika virus', Mr. Dawson purchased for two of these wonderful machines for the resort. After using one machine, it turned out that one machine was more than enough to spray the entire resort.

Since there was one 'left', Mr. Dawson decided that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AZP, it would be perfect to donate one of these machines to the hospital for the care of the Hospital grounds. With the mistblower the grounds can be sprayed within two hours.

The AZP is the largest hospital in Suriname where more than 5000 patients, visitors and employees come and go daily. That is why the upkeep is such an important issue.

Mr. Brahim mentioned that he was very happy with this gesture, which the hospital will definitely use. After receiving the machine, Mr. Brahim immediately handed this to the Manager of Facility services, Mrs. L. Johnson and some of her employees. Of course it is very important to operate the machine correctly, and so Mr. Dawson decided to give a crash course on "how to operate the mist blower".

It is also important to mention that the 'Zika virus' has significantly declined. News outlets, schools, and local health institutions made it their priority to enlighten the public on how to eliminate the mosquitos in their area and prevent further spreading of the virus. As a result, there are fewer cases of the Zika infections.
Irrigation - Drip system
Kabalebo Nature Resort

Over the past two months, we've been experiencing some extremely dry weather conditions. No rain at all, and the river level is probably at its lowest in recent times while the days are much hotter than usual. In a battle to save our fruit trees, which consists mostly of citrus fruits, among others, we've decided to install an irrigation-drip system to provide the adequate water supply that is needed for their growth and proper development.

The system was strategically installed at the root of the trees, with each tree having its own dripper once the main water system has been turned on. The system is being turned on manually twice per day, mornings and afternoons, in order to subside and withstand the present heat and dry conditions. Works are in process to make the system automatic using and irrigation controller that is attached directly to the main tap of the drip system to turn on and off the water supply automatically at specific times of the day.

Waste disposal (bottle shredder, cans, glass, and organic waste)

In our effort to practice safe and proper garbage disposal, as well as to preserve our environment, the bottle shredder was manufactured. Usually, plastic waste, glass and cans are being sent from the resort to the city via aircraft to the proper recycling companies who would then further ship them to China for final recycling.

Because of this method of transfer/transport, half of the airplane was usually filled up, with especially the plastic waste, which includes for the majority, bottles and containers. A plan was drafted to look for a way of transporting the plastic waste in smaller volumes (smaller pieces) hence, the ordering and manufacturing of a unique piece of machine that is electrically powered with a low consumption rate and is capable of shredding plastic utensils into very small pieces.

This machine was designed and manufactured in China as our ‘green initiative’ in the year 2007 and was shipped to Suriname via River then flown into the resort. It is still the only one being used by the resort ever since and continues to minimize the volume of our plastic waste for easy transport and proper disposal. This surely made packaging and transporting much easier and cost effective as well.

Paper waste is being burnt at a specific location, while we dispose of organic waste in the river as a means of food for the fishes and other animals that dwell in the waterways. As a result of these environmental practices, there are specific trash containers with clearly marked labels for Plastic Bottles and Glass and Cans, at the main facilities of the resort so that our guests can also help us to take care in properly disposing of their waste in the correct manner.

We take pride in promoting and ensuring a clean and safe environment, so as to offer you our valued guests that experience of a lifetime.


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