kabalebo.com newsletter #6 - July, 2014
Join us for an experience of a lifetime!
Our Newest Accommodation - The Suites
At Kabalebo Nature Resort we are delighted to present to you, our newest Suites. These four family-sized Suites are situated about a 5 minutes-walking distance from our Main Lodge, and just a stone's throw away from our Swimming Pool and Inspiration Point.

These are the most spacious and exquisite of our accommodation facilities on the resort, sporting queen-sized canopy beds and other modern and unique amenities, catering to your ultimate relaxation needs, while providing both privacy and a sense of freedom.

These pristine Suites can each accommodate one person up to four persons at once, making them ideal for individual nature lovers, family getaways, and other group trips. The suites are perfectly situated with a great mountain and pool view from the balconies. Here you can find peace and tranquility while enjoying nature at its best. It is also a good location for close encounters with Macaws and Parrots, Agouti, Deer and Tapir crossing the Airstrip.

We look forward to welcoming you to an experience of a lifetime.

Englishman achieves new IGFA records at Kabalebo
Kabalebo Nature Resort
During a recent trip to Kabalebo Nature Resort, UK angler Richard Hart captured an 11.82 kg (26 lb. 1 oz.) giant Trahira (also known as Wolfish).

According to the IGFA, Mr. Hart caught the wolfish on February 23th, 2014. It took the fisherman around one hour and 30 minutes to pull the 'wolf fish' out of the water, which was afterwards released alive.

In case this catch will be approved by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), it will be the new record for the 8 kg (16 lb.) 'tippet class'. The existing record is 6.58 kg (14 lb 8 oz.).

Wolfish are commonly found in the Amazon area of South America and in the rivers of Guyana, Suriname & French Guyana. They are popular among anglers for their aggressive bite and enthusiastic struggle. This fish will attack anything that looks edible, which makes noisy lures such as poppers and spinners especially effective. They can grow to a maximum weight of 15 kg.

Anglers find the wolfish (Trahira) difficult to handle. Their strong jaws and sharp teeth form a potential threat. They even jump into boats from time to time and can bite unsuspecting fishermen. The current record for a caught wolfish in the 16 -pound 'tippet class' is a fourteen pound weighing 227gram copy, captured in Brazil in 2012.

Kabalebo nature resort has developed a special fishing program with the IGFA to protect the fish in and around the Kabalebo area. This entails that people can only engage in catch and release. Furthermore, Kabalebo Nature Resort is a member and a representative of the IGFA in Suriname.

Kabalebo Nature Resort celebrates TEN
Kabalebo Nature Resort
We are delighted to announce that on January the 1st 2015, our resort exists exactly 10 years, a celebration that we wouldn't and couldn't keep for ourselves.

Starting as an unknown basic lodge back in 2004, we have now grown into the most exquisite and well-known resort in Suriname.

We could not have achieved this milestone without you. We would like to have you involved in this special celebration by inviting all our loyal fans, to upload their favorite and memorable photos/videos/stories of their stay at Kabalebo, on our Facebook Page, Tripadvisor Page, and share this with the world.

Looking back we are pleased with what we have achieved so far and we pleasantly look forward to continue this wonderful journey with you.