kabalebo.com newsletter #3 - October, 2013
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Ocelot family near Kabalebo - update
At Kabalebo Nature Resort we are enjoying ocelots like never before. We already introduced you to the Ocelot family who has been visiting our resort daily in our previous newsletter. In this addition we just want to give you a small update and let you have a peak of all the ocelot adventures we've been having at our resort.

Ocelots are probably the best known medium size cat of the Americas, mostly due to predominance of use of fur for coats. Pelage (fur) is short, thick, and gray with rosettes and spots. They are strongly nocturnal, resting in trees and dense brush during the day. Male and female habitats are separate, with males' overlapping females'. Ocelots are also known for their smell - they have a very strong smell that is used to mark their territories.

Here the introduction for those of you who aren't following us yet on social media.

Kabalebo Nature resort has new residents. Over the past three months a nearby living ocelot family has been visiting our resort daily. This photogenic ocelot family has been posing for our guests and giving them the unique experience of a safe close encounter with wildlife.

The ocelot is a wild cat found in South and central America. The cat can reach a length of 68 to 100 cm, plus a 26-45 cm in tail length. The typical Ocelot weighs about 18-40 lbs although much larger ocelots have been spotted. The ocelots seen at the Kabalebo Nature resort weigh about 40 lbs.

During the last weeks a new female member has been added to the family. This beauty brings the group to a total of one male and 3 female ocelots. And now we present you our new guest through a proper introduction... enjoy the paparazzi snapshot we got and her stylish pose.

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Green Scarlet Macaw
Green Scarlet Macaw
You already know that Kabalebo Nature resort is a paradise for the animal lovers. The resort is home to many tropical animals. Our guest can enjoy these animals up close during our unique nature walks. In this edition of our newsletter we'll focus on one of the highlights for our bird lovers, the green scarlet macaw.

The macaws are tropical birds, living in Mexico, Central, and South America and famous for their bright colors. Their red, yellow, green, and blue feathers seem bold and eye-catching to us but actually blend in well with the green leaves, red and yellow fruits, and bluish shadows of the rain forest.

When visiting our resort you'll wake up in the morning by the blissful sounds from these birds. The green scarlet macaws are especially found near the river cabana's where they come to pick maripa nuts. Since the birds are used to visiting the cabana's and the surrounding area's they are not shy and visit even if there are people on the veranda. This makes it possible to capture striking close ups of these birds.

Bird lovers love this because this way you'll get footage you won't easily get anywhere else.

Macaws are intelligent and curious birds that like to explore and keep busy. They spend a lot of time interacting with their flock. The birds are also known to play with tools and interesting objects they find. They love to move them with their feet, test them with their tongues, and toss them around.

Take a look at the beautiful image one of our guest manage to capture and feel free to send us your images. Are you ready to capture your unique image of a green scarlet macaw?

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Canada, here we come!
Canada, here we come!
Kabalebo Nature Resort is in Montreal, Canada this weekend where we are part of the 25th edition of the International Tourism and Travel Show. During this travel show we'll introduce our resort to the new visitors, give old visitors an update and help people plan the vacation of their lifetime.

Though Kabalebo Nature resort visited Canada last year, there are still a lot of people who are unfamiliar with Suriname and our wonderful Nature Resort. This is why we will not only give you the ins and outs of our resort, but also introduce you to Suriname "South America's undiscovered wonder". So make sure you visit the Travel show at Place Bonaventur level 400 from October 25 till 27 and stop at our booth number #631.

For those of you who'd like more information about Suriname and Kabalebo we have a review written by Max Johnson, who works at the Great Canadian Travel Company. He recently visited Kabalebo Nature Resort in Suriname and has documented his one in a life time experience.

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