kabalebo.com newsletter #2 - July, 2013
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Ocelot family near Kabalebo

For a while now we have some new residents at Kabalebo Nature Resort. An ocelot family has joint the resort and lives nearby.

This family makes daily visits to a nearby spot giving tourist who visit Kabalebo the opportunity to go on exclusive ocelot spotting trips. The father, mother, children and possible even a second wife are now part of what the resort offers.

Ocelots are probably the best known medium size cat of the Americas, mostly due to predominance of use of fur for coats. Pelage (fur) is short, thick, and gray with rosettes and spots. They are strongly nocturnal, resting in trees and dense brush during the day. Male and female habitats are separate, with males' overlapping females'. Ocelots are also known for their smell - they have a very strong smell that is used to mark their territories.

It isn't easy to spot an ocelot and tourists who have partaken in this activity have underlined what an extraordinary adventure it is. Since the family has nestled at our resort (in the nearby forest) we offer our guest the opportunity to partake in ocelot spotting activities. During these activities guest are brought to the location where the ocelots visit daily and guest can see these magnificent animals from a distance.

Have you ever seen a ocelot in its natural habitat? If you haven't you should come to Kabalebo Nature Resort and make sure you sign up for our ocelot spotting activity. For those who already enjoyed this activity; we invite you to share your experience on our page or our website.

We haven't given the ocelots a name yet, maybe you can help us do so. Idea's can be posted on our Facebook page.

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Get the real Amazon experience in the 3 Guyana's
Get the real Amazon experience in the 3 Guyana's
The team of Kabalebo Nature Resort joined forces with the team of Roraima group of companies and now offer a exclusive vacation package to the 3 Guyana's;
Suriname, Guyana and French Guyana.

We try to give our customers their once in a lifetime experience and this time we stepped the bar up a bit. Our 11, 12 and 15 days combination packages takes you from the breathtaking water-falls in Guyana to the pristine rainforest in Suriname and the high-tech satellite launch base in Kourou, French Guyana. Read more about our new packages.

The Guyana's tour offers an exceptional level of comfort and unforgettable memories, even for those with a lifetime of travel experience. Our trip starts in Guyana, the only English speaking country in South America; here we visit the magnificent Kaieteur Falls. Once that is settled in we head out to Suriname were we enjoy the maroon culture at the Brokopondo district and relax at the luxurious Kabalebo Nature Resort. You'll be amazed by the beauty of the rainforest and its animal kingdom. At the resort in Suriname and Guyana you'll also partake in various sightseeing trips that are included. The Guyana's trip (15 day package) also takes you to Kourou, French Guyana where you can see a piece of Europe nestled in the Amazon.

In the rainforest the agenda's and mandates of regular life are worlds away. You deserve this time for yourself, so come and give us a few days of your time and we'll give you back your spirit.

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Freek Vonk is back at Kabalebo
Freek Vonk is back at Kabalebo
Freek Vonk is a bilogist that made a couple of documentaries for the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel. He travels the world to explore and Freek has visited Suriname several times.

In march 2012 he visited Suriname with Eddy Zoëy for the making of the documentary "Animals in the wild". We think that he feels at home at Kabalebo Nature Resort sins he just paid us a visit again. Read about his visits to Kabalebo Nature Resort, as he called it "the super green, lush and fertile oasis in the dessert".

During the first visit the team enjoyed all the wildlife Kabalebo has to offer and got great footage for there documentary. As Freek says; "the Surinamese jungle is comparable to a candy store. Everywhere you can hear, see and smell the animal kingdom." The latter certainly, because on the second day of their visit the crew already came face to face with the Amazon giant, the anaconda. The documentary of Freek Vonk was aired on the National Geographical Channel.

Freek Vonk was so impressed with what he encountered at Kabalebo this world traveler decided to vacation at Kabalebo with his family. Last month we've had the pleasure of welcoming him and his family at our resort. And he enjoyed our various activities and a decent catch during the fish trip.

See you again soon Freek and all the national geography watchers, come and experience our resort for yourself. You'll love the real life documentary experience.

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The best vacation starts with the best view "The Kaieteur Falls"
The Kaieteur Falls
Now we know that a vacation at Kabalebo Nature Resort offers a well-deserved break we all need. We offer a surprising array of services and amenities even though our resort is situated deep in the Amazon rainforest.

Now we astonish our guest with even more, because starting June 2013 Kabalebo Nature Resort also offers visitors the opportunity to travel to the magnificent Kaieteur Falls.

With the signing of a MoU between Kabalebo and Roraima Group of Companies we added a number of packages to our list. One of those is the Kaieteur tour that starts in Suriname. From the Zorg and Hoop airport in Paramaribo, we fly you to Ogle in Guyana after which we head out to the Kaieteur Falls.

During this 2 nights/ 3 day trip you'll enjoy various sightseeing trips in Guyana as well as an unbelievable amount of pure and luscious nature.

We'll see you soon!