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In January 2013 Kabalebo Nature Resort launched their new and improved Dutch and English website. The new site is even more user friendly and gives a better overview of the various service of Kabalebo. We invite you to visit our new site and be inspired by the beautifull pictures and stories you'll see.

The new Kabalebo website gives you better insight on the resort and its team. Since we value or relationship with our customers we also made sure that they could keep sharing theur story and experiences on our site. On our Travel Experiences page visitors can share their once in a lifetime experiences with like minded travelers.

With the launch of the site our online communication with our current- and potential customers is improved. This will be supported by our newsletter which will send every 2 months.

We invite you to visit our site, send us feedback and share your "once in a lifetime Kabalebo experience". Make sure you also check us on Facebook and Twitter.
Rare Copper-tailed hummingbird spotted at Kabalebo Nature Resort
rare copper-tailed hummingbird
In February 2013 a group of birdwatchers spotted the very rare Copper-Tailed Hummingbird during a bird watching excursion at Kabalebo Nature Resort.

This bird lives at the Tupuis (Table-top Mountain) in Venzuela and Brasil. In 1972 this rare bird was first spotted in Suriname in Sipaliwiny by Gerlof Mees. Since then the bird has only been spotted about 4 times up till 2009.

The copper-tailed hummingbird is formerly known as the Green-bellied Hummingbird. Both names sums up it's main characteristic's; a green belly and copper colored tail.

In 2009 the bird was also spotted in French Guyana for the first time. The copper-tailed hummingbird is a species of hummingbird in the Trochilidae family. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist forests and heavily degraded former forest.

The Kabalebo Bird guide, Mrs. Armida spotted this bird, in his nest, on an excursion at Kabalebo. The bird watchers on this excursion were astonished to see the bird at the Resort, since the area is not their natural habitat. However the images show the bird is enjoying the surroundings quite well and might appear during your next visit to the resort.
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Winner Canada give-a-way sweepstake announced

The sweepstake was launched at The Toronto Ultimate Travel Show, Canada in January 2013.

The winner of the Sweepstake is 'Brooke Cote' from Toronto, Canada.
winner canada 'give-a-way sweepstake'
With the extraordinary mixture of culture, nature and perfect Climate Suriname appears to be a great vacation destination for the Canadians. There also is a convenient 7 hour flight from Canada to Guyana (Georgetown) by Caribbean Airlines. From Georgetown it just a 1 hour flight to the Capital of Suriname. Kabalebo Nature Resort will make sure that the Canadian's get to know a lot more about the resort and Suriname.

Quoting Mrs. Cote: "I was looking for a vacation spot and could not decide where to go. When I was told that I had won, I was shocked and excited. I am so excited to go and explore this exotic destination!"
Special type of Granite in the Kabalebo Nature Resort area

When visiting the Kabalebo Nature Resort you'll find a special type of granite named Charnokiet at various locations.

The type of granite that is mostly found in India, Ceylon and Africa is also found at the Misty Mountain, Zandkreek, Kron Sula and Moi Moi.
moi moi waterfall
Charnokiet is a special type of granite found only in the deep parts of the crust (25-30 km deep).

The rock contains green, glossy feldspar, quartz, and light gray and dark pyroxene. The age of the charnokiet of Misty Mountain is set at 1.98 billion years. When visiting the resort the guide will accentuate the granite on the various excursions.

We'll see you soon at Kabalebo Nature Resort!
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